“Game Feel” Focused

Every system has been designed to make you feel in control within a consistent world.

To feel the speed and power, and frailty of a man travelling beyond the speed of light.

Inspired by the times when games where games, this is one such game game. This game channels the echoes of inserting a coin, hitting start and just trying to beat your best scores, just have a good run. It’s investing in a thrill, no side dishes, just “take me to the danger zone and let me fend for it”. It’s an open invitation to come back for that instantaneous prescription refill, that doesn’t cost too much or come in a pill.

At first you might need to learn some rules, but they’re few, as the game is kept simple in terms of things to learn, menus to go through and input controls controversy.  Most control options are covered: touch your screen, use your gamepad, keyboard or mouse, it’ll work.



Vindicating Victories

Basically: don’t worry about the stuff around the fun. The clutter’s been taken out in order to clear the way to what matters: the unexpected thrills, the smell of an ambush, and the subtleties of understanding how to game the game and use its systems to your advantage: becoming good, better and being rewarded for it. Not only by the game’s art and unlocks, also, and maybe more importantly, by that internal, uplifting feeling of overcoming ludicrous challenges that were not so long ago impossible to a lesser, more naive, younger version of yourself, when now you see them triumphed over by the new battle-worn, leaner, meaner, cleaner street walking man-machine that you’ve become. That comes with practice, commitment and skill. The flip side is pain, suffering, anger, Injustiça!, from having victory snatched from your hands right at the gates of glory. You might quit, you might push at it for hours. It’s up to you. Do as you feel.

“Game Feel” is a much more approachable term for aesthetics. In a videogame it requires a cohesive feedback loop of form, function and content. Game Feel encompasses the emotions it elucidates in the player while playing and remembering the game. The smaller the game, the easier it is to pull off effectively, as its scope is focused on a more concise emotional palette. In StreetWalkingMan, all mechanics, systems and audiovisuals focus on providing emotionally rewarding feedback for speed, control and power. I want you to feel the speed, the power you wield in controlling your player and pulling off ridiculous feats of skill. And for that feeling to be consistent in its delivery, to always be there as the steady provider of brand new and exciting micro adventures with that familiar feeling that only StreetWalkingMan can deliver.

From a broader orbit, it’s about victory and defeat, about threading ground and advancing. In closer scale, within the game, it’s a focused battle every second, with highs and lows, to brace yourself, regroup, charge forward or do whatever it takes to make it through another second more, keeping up with a pace that’s just a bit too much (for you.), that is reckless, that is unavoidable and inescapable, yet alluring and addictingly empowering.

Strap in for a walk! See if you can handle defeat and deliver victories to the world!