As a programmer with a penchant for penciling, I set out for a classical animated sprites look. I relished in designing and executing each and every art asset by hand. With a magical drawing tablet, which I now love, I created thousands of animation frames of completely artisan, original content. It was brutal. Some animations took various continuous and noncontinuous full days to finish. Some required the use of spreadsheets to assist my decaying neurons with simple frame counting for accurate multi-element synchronized looping. Others just swashed free from the tip of the pen. Inspiration is a fickle milkman.

I also set out to do the music and narration myself. This quickly proved to be a terrible, terrible decision. Immediately rectified with the assistance of some truly professional artists and fantastic collaborators. I was left in awe by their ability to work on an unfamiliar form of media, following instructions of dubious evidence for cognizant thought. I’m deeply thankful for their work and how it elevated the material.

Have a stroll down this electric avenue, look around and even download or support the art you enjoy.


Gameplay Video (DEMO 2)



In Game Screenshots


Street Walking Man 


On two marching, charging feet, the titular renegade of Funk, in all its HD black and white glory. Staying light on his feet as he glides on both sides of the sheets of space and time. Skipping, zig-zagging and sheets.

The Street Walking Man zips by in this .zip file!

(The ZIP file contains much more art than shown in this section.)


Ordinary Flocking People


Crowds in StreetWalkingMan aren’t much up with the plot, they just go about their rut. What’s on their mind? Well, there’s a way to go, there’s a way to deal with people on the road, and each one marches on at their own specific trot. Some slog, some strut, some walk, and others almost run, you’ll get to know them all.

Get to know the crowd in this .zip file!

(The ZIP file contains much more art than shown in this section. But not all! Stay tuned…)

(Also not featured, gameplay optional colorblind mode for deuteranopia, protanopia and tritanopia.)






Why’s everybody looking down on the man on the streets? There’s the player, for one, and there’s more than one, for sure. Someone judicious is grading your results and awarding them precious metals from forges far from home. A contraband of ores is much too valuable a reward in the dawn of times of war…

Here’s your loot, packed tight in a .zip file!

(The ZIP file contains much more art than shown in this section. But not all! Stay tuned…)



Spoiler Alert: This game rewards you with graphics and animations. They're pretty cool to see in action for the first time, so, if you prefer to be surprised, this spoiler box is meant for you. If not, go ahead and enjoy! Show



The talented Schoppe was given a tragically inept, pseudo musical slew of babble as “instructions” and he somehow pulled off magic. Not only did he bogged through the quagmire of my musical illiteracy to come up with funkyfresh beats, he also created them sampled, mixed and mastered, ready to serve as an upbeat, rewarding soundtrack for your adventures.

As a fellow artist, I encourage you to support his craft, or if you’re interested, you can contact him to do some next level music for you.

Here’ll be music! Coming soon…



Voice Talent

D.E. Medus is the voice that is now, or will soon be, forever a replaying phantom sound effect in the back of your brain. This man endured seemingly infinite, rambling, semi incoherent emails of explanations and details and nuances and descriptions of Street Fighter, and he went back, somehow cleared his head and throat, presumably, and just knocked it out of the park. On every single delivery.

Before you proceed to listen to the smoothest man on Earth or Asgard, be warned that the following game title announcement will not only be forever replaying inside your head, but you may also randomly belt it out loud in public just to satisfy a bizarre craving for hearing it live; people will give you looks of perplexity. Play at your own discretion.


Download here! (You might need to right-click this link.)

D.E. Medus is also in charge of the mind expanding, award nominated audio magazine MEDUS POD, where him and other vastly talented voice actors and writers contribute to create original and ground-breaking science fiction and horror audio stories. I highly recommend visiting and staying for a captivating story, or more, they really are superbly produced, mature, captivating stories.

Spoiler Alert: There's a spoiler here too! Another one of those you unlock. This one fairly early, but I think it's a nice surprise, too. Show


Wallpapers and Logos

Daniela Castro travels all around the world, she’s streets ahead from any of us. She also carries a camera and happens to be a professional photographer, and a dear friend. And I butchered her beautiful pics with logos. You might still enjoy them, though.

Spoiler Alert: Logos and imagery related to the spoilers above have all been superglued to some other wallpapers. Like beads, or diamonds on banner. Show