In this “Running Out of Time” second demo our titular Street Walking Man is caught in a time loop trying to get to the end of the road, survive before everything resets and try to learn about its cosmic predicament! Meanwhile the Universe throws all sort of calamities, singularities and metaphysical obstacles in its path!

A second Demo with full-screen support. It’s quite bare bones but enough progress was made to warrant a second publication. Enjoy your run and beat your records!

StreetWalkingMan DEMO 2


What’s in it?

A vertical slice of gameplay containing all mechanics, doled out as you progress in the game. Each run restarts you progress. You can play as much as you want, within 21 game launches.

What’s missing?

All the things we’re currently working on right now:

  • In Game Sound Effects, there are some placeholders (that you can replace and add more)
  • Dramatic narration of story logs
  • Boss fights
  • Worldwide leaderboards, achievements, all that goes along with integrating Steam or
  • Tuning and tweaking forever…

Let me know if you disagree with that reasoning, everything can be arranged with a message, tweet or email.

Also, leave a comment and maybe even some feedback, I’d appreciate any thoughts and perspectives, and any votes on Greenlight too!