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StreetWalkingMan is a fast action game that will test your reflexes, ability to learn skills and instantaneous decision making under pressure.

The eponymous street-walking man goes against the crowd as the quintessential passerby, witnessing interdimensional events capable of pan-universal repercussions.

Show off your best crowd surfing moves as mundane Earth lore fuses with apocalyptic Asgardian warfare in a multidimensional convergence completely centered around your actions.

Dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge out of tight spots while weaving out of waves of self aware walkers as you master combo manipulations to clear your path and achieve celestial celerity.

Unlock and upgrade all the Super Powers through sheer skill and reap the rewards and secrets awaiting for you within StreetWalkingMan!

Inspired by 90s fast action games, specifically from 2D  scrolling, 2D fighting and 2D racing games, Street Walking Man creates a simple, compact set of well balanced and fair mechanical systems coupled to a rewarding and cohesive art direction to deliver waves and waves of never ending fun. Earn your victories, have fun while doing it.




..and more

  • Support for multiple input options include: mouse, keyboard, gamepad and touch control.
  • Colorblindness mode designed specifically for deuteranopia, protanopia and tritanopia.
  • Multiple playthroughs encouraged through sensitive reset and restore features.
  • World leaderboards and personal records to encourage honing your skills and being the best of both worlds!
  • Local Multiplayer, Vs and CoOp supported.
  • In-Game User Manual.
  • Custom Circuits for local or personal challenges and tournaments.
  • Plenty of unlockable game modes and surprises along the way!
  • And more to come! Hopefully I can update this game forever and keep it alive for those that need their fix of arcade walking through these crowded streets!


In Game Screenshots


Youtube Beta – Version Playlist


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