Yes, the game will try its best to make you fail, while getting the best out of you, in teeth-grinding, white-knuckle spectacular ways. But it will also be fair, it will recognize and reward your achievements, and it will display the trophies of your conquests. You will receive your honors if earned, fair and square. At the end of each level you will be presented with a summary of your performance’s criteria and an overall grade. There are medals awarded for exceptionally high grades. The regular fare is Bronze, Silver and Gold.

In StreetWalkingMan levels aren’t a physical place or a scenario, they are a set of policies and behaviors, defined by Difficulty and Length. Difficulty manages the intensity and strategies with which the game reacts to you, how it counters your success and how much it is affected by your failures. Length directs the magnitudes for intensity and rhythm, thus also endurance and concentration. Therefore, any combination of factors has a directly distinct feel to it. There are nine levels, composed by three settings of Difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard) and three settings of Length (Short, Medium, Long). These settings have been chosen for having a very specific distinct feel to them, sufficiently distanced from each other, but still making for a sensible progression of skill and rewards, while remaining a cohesive game experience on any level.

On each of the nine levels you have the possibility to earn medals and set records. Earning medals, unlocks fully narrated, original sci-fi history segments, by the talented and experienced D.E. Medus, adding a layer of literal narration to the aesthetic worldbuilding of the game.

Earning better and better medals also unlocks upgrades and more RPG-like goodness, just beyond the spoiler alert here below:

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New Game Modes

Infinite Length

Collecting all medals on a Difficulty setting (with all it three Lengths) unlocks Infinite Length mode for it. To me, it’s about gameplay, so if you just want to play for a while, and you’ve already achieved everything you can achieve on a Difficulty setting, I think it’s a fitting reward to get to play that level boundless, forever. No end to the fun, no need to worry or stress about perfection, just unbridled gameplay for as long as you need it. Have it as a well deserved gift from me to you!

Spoiler Alert: The Final Game Mode. Show